At age 5, the adults in his world noticed Garrett’s unusual abilities. His extreme mental focus, his exceptional peripheral vision and the ability to observe his environment in great detail. All those qualities that make him appear unusual to others, are actually his strengths. They are the result of Autism. Diagnosed at age 2 on the Autism spectrum, Garrett sees the world through a different filter than most people. He knows this about himself and embraces the challenges and the benefits of his nature.

What he’s overcome in terms of adapting at school and at racing is nothing short of miraculous. From being the brunt of bullying taunts and physical threats to handling the massive attention heaped on him
for his driving skills is more than most young men his age could be expected to handle. Acknowledging his strong Christian faith as a source of strength, he handles all the challenges that come his way with patience and maturity fueled by an intense desire to help others with Autism. In fact, it is estimated that 1 percent of the world’s population is on the Autism spectrum or about 1:68 births. Garrett invites those families with Autism and their supporters to be part of his winning racing team.

“The success and attention that racing gives me allows me to reach other families that face the same challenges of Autism that I have faced. It gives me a chance to make a real difference for them.”

“I’m going to be the Google of racing,” he predicts. “10 years ago no one knew what Google was, but now they do. I’m going to give Autistic families around the world a racing team to cheer for that they
can relate to.”